How to Enjoy Amsterdam Even with the Flood Control -

How to Enjoy Amsterdam Even with the Flood Control

The Netherlands has been dealing with the problem of overflowing rivers all its life. Since the country is situated on a place with lower elevation, and water travels from higher levels to lower heights, then the natural flow of water is toward the country. It can be quite troublesome to deal with overflowing water every day. But one thing that is admirable with the previous and current leaders of the country is that they played the hand that they are dealt with.

Flooding is evident in the country. This is why canals and waterways are established. These man-made structures pave the way for water to pass through the cities and go out into the other rivers and unto the sea. And the government has created robust ways of dealing with the problem. For tourists who want to enjoy Amsterdam, you are assured that you have a lovely stay for the whole duration of your Amsterdam city trip.

Hotels in Amsterdam by Dam Square

One of the most iconic landmarks in Amsterdam is Dam Square. It was first opened to the public in 1956 as a way to commemorate the heroes and the victims of the Second World War. Every year, a ceremony is held in the Dam Square to remember those who have fallen during this war.

If you are looking for a place to stay, then you should consider the Dam Square Hotel. It is just minutes away from the station and also one of the accessible hotels in the vicinity. Located right in the Dam Square, you can enjoy the events that are going on in the place by just looking out your window. You do not have to squeeze in with other tourists as you enjoy the celebrations conducted on the Dam Square.

Amsterdam cultural sights

The Netherlands is known for the amazing culture that they have as people and as a nation. You have a lot of tourist spots that you can go to satisfy your craving for the Netherlands culture. Be immersed in arts as you go to popular museums in the city. You can go to the Van Gogh Museum. It is dedicated to the contemporary artist Vincent Van Gogh. Alongside this museum are Rijksmuseum and the Stedelijk Museum.