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The Netherlands

The Netherlands is a country that is made beautiful by the waters that surround them. The dinner cruises in Amsterdam, as well as the Amsterdam canal tours, make it very appealing to tourists and locals who want to unwind and relax from the usual hustle and bustle of work. The waters calm our mind and ease our thoughts. The flowing of rivers to and from the country make the Netherlands one of the most popular destinations to go to all the days of the year.

With the level of water going from Ijsselmeer going to the smaller rivers of the Netherlands, the flooding can be just an afterthought. With the beauty of the canals and bridges inside the country, it is hard to recognize that the country is indeed undergoing a problem of a flood. Specific cities of the Netherland decreases in the level of the land area every year. This is because of the increase in waters going to the country. Someone has to watch out for this occurrence so that every person and tree is protected.

Flooding is quite unpredictable on the earlier days in the Netherlands. People were afraid before that the rivers may overflow and flood the houses and the plants that they have. This has gone for a number of years until a proposal was made to create a dike that can control the overflow of the rivers going to the city. The proposal was approved and created. This project is known as one of the successful tasks done. Now the dike is handled and managed by the IJsselmeer Region Directorate of Rijkswaterstaat.

IJsselmeer Region Directorate of Rijkswaterstaat

The IJsselmeer Region Directorate of Rijkswaterstaat has the task of managing and handling the dike. It has to make the crucial decision of controlling the flow of water from the rivers going into the cities of the Netherlands and making sure that there is a balance between the flow of water and the protection of the people living in the area. The directorate is also in charge of the daily routines for the task including the observation of the level of water, maintenance, and water distribution to the channels.


Our organization

We are the ones who make sure you’re your Amsterdam holiday will be fund and without hassle. This organization is the official partner of the directorate in making sure that the information about the tasks that they will be doing is properly disseminated to the people. Our team of professionals and volunteers take upon the task of distributing the flow of information to the civilians and most importantly, those who are going to be affected by the projects. We ensure that all are advised and prepared for any modifications done by the Directorate.

We are also the watchdog for the people. The directorate likes the fact that they can talk to us regarding the projects that they do to improve the dike. And they make sure that all of their projects do not overstep on the freedom and the rights of the people. This is why we were tapped by the government so that we can fully review and make recommendations on the tasks that they will do on the dike.